Meghan Paulino-Alban

Capturing your love
in action

You’re always chasing adventure, and you’ve found someone who can keep up! They’ll be by your side for every jump, dive, and free-fall. I’ll be there to snap a picture. 

I cherish every opportunity to step into a couple’s life and document pivotal moments.

I don’t want you to simply remember the best days of your life. I want you to experience them all over again each time you look at the photos.

You’ve got lasting love; I give you photos to match.

Hi, my name is Meghan and I’m a spider solitaire addict. (Whew, glad I got that off my chest.) 

I was born in Seattle, raised in the south, and spent every summer of my childhood out west chasing nature. My desire to capture the natural beauty of my surroundings took root in the wild and hasn’t stopped growing since. 

I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband Mikey, our son, Elias, and our two husky pups, Koda and Ollie. Don’t be afraid to ask me to travel for your big day. I have a feeling it won’t take much convincing!

I value authenticity, intentionality, and openness in my photography and in my relationship with you!

With me as your photographer, you can expect more belly laughs than soft smiles, more spontaneity than shot lists, and more natural light than bright flashes. 

but i am like a green olive tree in the house of god. i trust in the steadfast love of god forever and ever.

psalm 52:8

my wish for you

why olive branch

The olive branch is a picture of God’s power, grace, and love. 

In the Bible, after the flood, a dove came back to Noah carrying an olive branch, signaling that there was once again dry ground and that God had been faithful. (Genesis 8:8-22) He alone has the power to redeem, even in desperate circumstances, and always fulfills His promises.

Most notably, the olive branch is a symbol of peace.

I help you find peace outside your comfort zone by making you feel at ease in front of the camera. 

When you’re relaxed, your personality shines. Add in a little golden hour magic and you end up with images that radiate with genuine love. Dreamy, right?

Our relationship doesn’t end with your send-off! Count on me to remember your anniversary, the things that make you laugh, and your favorite moments from your big day. 

The sparklers will go out and your honeymoon tan will fade, but your marriage is just beginning! 

(I won’t hold your ability to get a tan against you. Pass the SPF 70 please and thank you.)

The milestones in front of you are endless. My wish for you is that you recognize the significance of all of them. 

I hope I get to experience each new season with you. 


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